of 9,800 BTC goal.


Thank you for participating

We are using the proceeds from the sale to continue development and build our community. We are happy to kick off our crowdsale efforts with what we believe to be one of many successful sales to come. We look forward to everyone's ongoing support and involvement.


For the participants in the crowdsale

Get Storjcoin X

Use Storjcoin X to buy and sell space within the Storj network.

Early access to DriveShare

Only crowdsale participants will be allowed to mine in the early network.

Early access to Metadisk

Secure and private file-sharing web application based on the Storj network.


Starting on July 18, Storj will make 500 million Storjcoin X (SJCX) available through a limited-time crowd sale running until August 18.

What is Storj ?

Storj is a decentralized cloud storage platform that utilizes Bitcoin's blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocols.

Storj is open-source while also being safer, cheaper, more private and secure compared to traditional cloud storage providers.

Storjcoin X ?

Storjcoin X (SJCX) is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Counterparty protocol and is intended to be transacted on top of the Storj platform within Storj's applications.

Earn it by selling your excess hard drive space with DriveShare, or use it to purchase space on the Storj network with Metadisk.

Time to Get Some Storjcoin X

Getting your hands on some Storjcoin X takes only a few easy steps. Here's a quick tutorial:

Step One

Create your Counterparty wallet on Counterwallet.

Step Two

Send BTC to the address in your Counterwallet.

Step Three

Send BTC from your Counterwallet to the crowdsale address.

Create your wallet now

Crowdsale Address


The crowdsale has ended. Any funds sent to this address now will be considered donations, and not eligible for crowdsale rewards.

What’s the Rate for Storjcoin X?

You will receive an amount of Storjcoin X dependent on the phase of the crowdsale. Here's the exchange rate of Storjcoin X per Bitcoin during the crowdsale.

Phase 1

0 - 1,800 BTC

38,500 SJCX per Bitcoin.

Participants in this round receive a 10% increase over standard rates.

Phase 2

1,800 - 4,800 BTC

36,750 SJCX per Bitcoin.

Participants in this round receive a 5% increase over standard rates.

Phase 3

4,800 - 9,800 BTC

32,480 SJCX per Bitcoin.

Participants in this round receive SJCX at the standard rate.


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