Video Transcoding and Streaming at the Distributed Edge

The VideoCoin Network is decentralized video infrastructure. This infrastructure provides developers with video processing services that are simple-to-use and inexpensive compared to centralized providers.

Like Tardigrade, the VideoCoin Network is developer-oriented.

The platform makes it easy to transcode files to various video formats, supporting H264 inputs and HLS outputs for files. Users can interact with the network API using standard REST API libraries and can even livestream their videos over RTMP and WebRTC.

The VideoCoin Network is operated by Live Planet, Inc, which was founded by Halsey Minor, an esteemed entrepreneur and co-founder of both CNET and

“Our Innovators Program significantly benefits from the inclusion of Storj Labs, a key player transforming cloud storage with its never-before-seen decentralized solution and method of blockchain compensation for independent Storage Nodes,” said Halsey Minor. “Their capabilities significantly add to VideoCoin Network’s growing stack of disruptive, decentralized media processing infrastructure solutions, and together, we’ll streamline operations for media companies, IoT providers, and countless others that can benefit from safe, cost-efficient, and independent media processing.”

This partnership will incorporate Storj Lab’s Tardigrade solution into VideoCoin Network’s. This will grow the Innovators Program to combine the most efficient and sustainable video processing infrastructures in the world, with one of the fastest, safest, and resource-effective object storage alternatives on the market today. As part of this new offering, Tardigrade will act as the origin server for VideoCoin Network’s rapidly expanding content distribution network.

Creating a More Efficient, Performant, and Economical Video Stack—at the Edge

Tardigrade natively supports video streaming via a native link sharing mechanism, which embeds a macaroon inside of a URL, enabling anyone who meets restrictions to consume the data in the storage bucket.

The VideoCoin Network extends this capability, making it easy to transcode videos for various output types, optimizing the streaming experience for end-viewers.

This solution architecture is resilient. Data is encrypted, erasure coded, and spread across uncorrelated endpoints, making data loss, theft, or backup corruption (via bitrot) nearly impossible.

This solution architecture is also more globally performant than other centralized cold storage solutions—you can access and rehydrate your backup to anywhere with minimal latency—due to the globally distributed nature of decentralized cloud backup.

Most importantly, with this integration, users will face no egress bandwidth penalties from a centralized cloud provider. These penalties are extraordinarily high for bringing data to and from the centralized cloud and prevent most distributed and multi cloud architectures today. Companies can expect to save <50% on their video storage and transcoding with this method.

By implementing Tardigrade as its origin for video storage, the VideoCoin Network accomplished:

  • User access to the first decentralized storage solution backed by SLAs, guaranteeing 99.9999999% durability, with drop in S3-compatibility 
  • Greater security, resiliency, and data privacy through end-to-end encryption and the ability to distribute and easily reconstitute data that is broken into smaller pieces and stored on a global network
  • Access to the massive, global network of Nodes on the Storj Network, which offers media companies storage at a fraction of the cost of centralized cloud providers like AWS

Get Started and Be the Cloud!

Due to the inherent benefits of the decentralized cloud, Tardigrade + the VideoCoin Network is an optimal solution stack for developers looking to transcode, store, and serve their videos to customers and CDNs.

Tardigrade Storage is secure and globally distributed by default. Data is client-side encrypted, erasure coded, and spread across thousands of statistically uncorrelated node endpoints.

The distributed nature of the storage solution makes it a good architectural fit to feed the transcoding mechanism for the VideoCoin Network. The parallelism in conjunction with the erasure-coding schema removes many of the potential bandwidth bottlenecks, making it an ultra-performant, ultra-secure storage solution for developers.

Stay tuned for blog posts and announcements in the coming weeks which will detail the ways in which our partners are building applications and developer tooling which leverages the decentralized cloud.

For more information around how to create a Tardigrade Connector and partake in our Technology Partner Program, follow this link, or email us directly: partners[at]