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Enabling Economic Empowerment for Open Source Companies via the Storj Network

When I joined Storj Labs as executive chairman and interim CEO earlier this year, it was because of the opportunity I saw in decentralization and its ability to help the world and disrupt major industries. Storj had a working platform, a passionate community, a solid team, and were solving a huge problem tied into several trends. Before joining, I had spent the last decade building two open source companies. Storj (and decentralized infrastructure in general) shares a lot of key values with the open source world.
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Great team. Huge opportunity. Solving an enormous problem: Why I’m joining Storj Labs

By Ben Golub Over the course of my career, I’ve had the unique privilege of working for six startups, three as CEO. While there are no guarantees in the startup world, there are few things as exciting and powerful as a talented team working on a compelling and disruptive solution that solves big, important problems at a time when multiple trends depend on those problems being solved. Storj Labs meets all of these criteria and more, which is why I am excited to say that I will be joining their incredible team and community as Executive Chairman and interim CEO.
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