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How Storj increases object storage security exponentially

Security and privacy are at the core of the Storj ethos. Last week in Berlin, we were delighted to present at a Blueyard event called Decentralized & Encrypted — The mission to upgrade the Internet & an open conversation with Edward Snowden ( Below is a look into how we strive to secure our users’ privacy by decentralizing and encrypting object storage. Storj’s P2P object storage network relies on a supply side, composed of people or organizations (“farmers”) who provide storage capacity (https://storj.
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Why SJCX? Why not Bitcoin?

There’s a lot of public discussion of appcoins like SJCX. We like to keep out of economic and technological debates, and focus on developing the platform. We chose to implement SJCX as a CounterParty token for a variety of reasons, and we want to explain just one compelling reason we plan to use SJCX as the fuel of the network: the Storj platform, as presently designed, cannot run on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just too valuable.

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