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Announcing the Network V3 Farmer Waitlist

Today, the Storj Labs team is excited to announce we have launched a waitlist for farmers who would like early access to the next version of the Storj network. Community members who would like to join the waitlist can visit the Storj Labs website to reserve their slot as one of the first people to share their hard drive on the V3 network. We previously opened a V3 waitlist for developers, companies and other people who would like to store data on the new network.
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Announcing a Campaign for a New Logo

Leading up to the launch of Storj network V3, we feel the time is right to update the brand to better reflect the resilient, distributed nature of our platform. The V3 network will deliver a massive improvement in durability, scalability, performance and ease of integration. It will also support streaming, drop-in S3 compatibility and achieve a significant improvement in both performance and reliability.

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