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Enabling Economic Empowerment for Open Source Companies via the Storj Network

When I joined Storj Labs as executive chairman and interim CEO earlier this year, it was because of the opportunity I saw in decentralization and its ability to help the world and disrupt major industries. Storj had a working platform, a passionate community, a solid team, and were solving a huge problem tied into several trends. Before joining, I had spent the last decade building two open source companies. Storj (and decentralized infrastructure in general) shares a lot of key values with the open source world.
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Storj Launches V3 Private Alpha

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are launching the private alpha of the V3 network. We’ve come a long way since announcing earlier this year that we would be rebuilding the network to achieve better scalability. Since that announcement, the team has been working hard to design and build a network that will be able to scale well into the exabyte range, putting us on the same playing field as the largest cloud storage companies currently out there.
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