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In this paper, Taloflow covers the TCO of emerging software companies considering the benefits of switching to decentralized cloud storage from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our analysis shows that decentralized storage may make a lot of sense for suitable use cases and significantly impact quantitative and qualitative measures. The most extensive impact areas are related to the multi-regional benefits, security benefits, and not having a single point of failure.

Todd Kesselman, CFA

Founder/CTO @ Taloflow

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GigaOm Sonar Report

Decentralized storage is an emerging technology that delivers many inherent benefits over traditional cloud storage solutions, some including:

- Better economics and ROI
- No vendor lock-ins
- Default encryption and user-assigned access
- Multi-region support
- Maximum freedom and flexibility

Read this GigaOm Sonar for Decentralized Storage | An Emerging Technology Insight Report to learn more and to see how Storj stacks up against the alternatives.

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Learn more and see how Storj DCS stacks up against the alternatives.

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