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Thank You!

With the tremendous support of our community, Storj successfully sold $30MM in tokens during the token sale!

Token Distribution

We are excited to announce that the STORJ token has officially been distributed!


The STORJ token contract address is:



You will need to set your wallet to watch the token contract. Instructions vary by wallet. Additional information can be found in our FAQ.

Convert your SJCX to STORJ

If you currently hold our previous token, SJCX, you may convert it to our new token, STORJ, at https://storj.io/conversion.

Additional information can be found in our FAQ.

Our Accomplishments

One of the few token sales backed by a working product

Channel Partnerships

We've partnered with Microsoft Azure and Heroku to offer Storj integrations with PaaS providers you already use.

Enterprise Ready

We signed our first service agreement with a Fortune 500 company in 2017 and doubled our developer team.

Storj Free and Open Source Software

Free Software

Storj believes in maintaining a free and open source software model. Check out our Github.

Rapidly Growing

We have over 20,000 users and almost 19,000 farmers on the Storj network, with steady growth each month in the last year.

Why use a token?

We recently announced a conversion of the Storj token, STORJ (formerly SJCX) to the Ethereum ERC20 standard from the Counterparty protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. This move helps us reduce transaction fees for the Storj community while also increasing functionality and usability. There are many benefits to using STORJ as a utility token in the Storj network:


Bitcoin isn’t divisible or flexible enough to support the granularity needed for small transactions.


A separate utility token like STORJ provides a layer of protection from the volatility of larger markets.


Using STORJ helps us identify and fix problems at scale, paving the way for a larger, more stable network.


We pay for our community's hard work performing tasks like tier-one tech support and development with STORJ.

Speed and cost of small transactions

A network funded hub would allow for quick transactions, as well as keep transaction fees low for the users.


Storj Labs is dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships and supporting the broader [Ethereum] ecosystem.


Users can earn STORJ for sharing disk space, then use it as renters themselves, creating a positive feedback loop.

Future Growth

We plan to use the token in ways raw Bitcoin or Ether can’t. For example, the Storj-specific signaling described in SIP0002.

Storj is designed to be flexible and modular.

We believe that using a utility token is the best way to provide and obtain services in the network.

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