Introducing Economic Empowerment
for the Open Source Community

We are passionate about supporting,building, and using open source software. Our Open Source Partnership Program brings secure, reliable and performant decentralized cloud storage to the open-source community.

In addition to sharing revenue, we share all the necessary tools, components and connectors needed ot incorporate decentralized cloud storage into your platform. Easy and effortless.

Benefits for our Open-Source Partners:

Revenue Sharing

Open-source projects that incorporate Storj as a cloud storage option for their community can take advantage of our revenue sharing model. For every dollar Storj earns, we will share 10% with the referring open-source partner.

Open Source

Open source and decentralization go hand in hand. Decentralization supports the same ideology as the open-source developer community - putting power and control into the hands of everyone.All of the software components of the Storj Platform are completely open source.

Platform Support

Partners receive priority support for level 2/3 helpdesk requests. Storj handles user account, subscription, and billing management.

Joint Marketing

Create awareness and demand for your services within the Storj ecosystem and with your customers and prospects through joint and co-branded marketing and PR opportunities.

Early Platform Access

Get exclusive access to to our V3 White Paper, product roadmap, private Alpha, Beta, and more.

Why Your End-Users Will Love Us:

Open-Source Software

Secure & Private

End-to-end encryption lets only the file owners access and see their data.

Open-Source Software


Without needing to operate any data centers, our costs are 1/3 the price of centralized cloud storage providers.

Open-Source Software


Segmented and distributed files allow for multi-threaded concurrent downloads.

Open-Source Software


Erasure encoded, globally distributed files deliver more reliability than centralized storage.

Open-Source Software

Easy To Use

S3 compatible gateway allows a familiar,frop-in replacement API.

Open-Source Software


All components are open source,auditable,licensed with AGPL and Apache Commons licenses. Check us out on Github.

Open-Source Partners

Storj actively works with our partners to create and build sustainable revenue streams to support their open-source projects. The Open-Source Partner Program takes your referred users who have integrated a partner-specific connector, and then shares revenue for any data and bandwidth that user is billed for. This program is a perfect fit for open-source applications that have a need for embedded storage but rely on end users to procure third-party cloud storage can receive revenue sharing.

Technology Partners

Storj strives to reward companies that drive demand and value on our network and is a great fit as a storage-layer integrated into your product, or a white-labelled product built on-top of our storage network. Additionally is perfect for any companies interested in a Value Added Reseller or Systems Integrator relationship. Storj offers wholesale pricing with tiered discounts based on total storage and bandwidth use.