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The Decentralized Storage Network

We’re in early access production, code complete and launching our cloud storage network with enterprise-grade durability, performance, and superior security at a fraction of the cost of centralized providers. Join thousands of node operators and customers already experiencing decentralized cloud storage.

Host a Node

Node Operators make decentralized storage possible by getting paid for available disk space and bandwidth used by customers. Start earning today.

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Cloud Storage

Upgrade your storage layer to the world’s first decentralized cloud storage solution. Tardigrade is secure, resilient, faster, and cheaper than traditional cloud storage.

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Put Your Extra Disk Space to Work

Node Operators get paid for their extra disk space, sort of like ride-sharing for the cloud.

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We pay you for your unused disk space to power the Storj Network and securely store encrypted data from Tardigrade cloud storage users.

Be the Cloud

Node Operators host data from users all over the world, enabling a truly private, totally secure, and completely decentralized cloud solution.

Use Existing Hardware

Operating a node doesn’t require extra hardware or power-hungry CPUs. All you need is a solid internet connection and enough hard drive space.

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Introducing Tardigrade

Get faster, safer, more affordable cloud object storage. allows engineering teams take advantage of the Storj network’s speed and security, bringing decentralization to the masses.

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    100% Secure

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    20% Faster

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    Half the Price

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    More Durable

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    Easier to Use


Helping Developers Weave the
Fabric of Tomorrow’s Internet

Encrypt & Upload Files

Files are encrypted client-side before being uploaded to our network, ensuring data is stored securely... and we don’t stop there.

Split Files & Distribute

Encrypted flies are split into smaller fragments and distributed to optimal nodes across our secure, global network.

Store & Retrieve File Pieces

We pay Hosts to run Storage Nodes where file fragments are privately stored, making data breaches a thing of the past.

Got an Open Source App?

Open Source Partners get paid every time their users store data on Tardigrade.

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Token Transparent

We’re one of the longest-standing decentralized projects, and recognized as leaders in the field of token governance.

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Roadmap Milestones to Production

The Storj network is currently in the Pioneer 2 phase of our V3 beta. Those who sign up for our waitlist can also participate in our Beta ahead of production later this year.

  • Vanguard: User Alpha

  • Beacon: Identity & Access Management

  • Pioneer 1: V3 Network Beta

  • Pioneer 2: V3 Network Beta

  • Voyager: Early Access V3 Production Launch

  • ISS: Open Source Partner Connection

  • Voyager: Network V3 production Launch