Introducing Decentralized Cloud Storage

Storj Labs now has two websites for our ever-growing and essential community members to better serve their individual needs.

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Customers & Partners

Storage Node Operators, Open Source Contributors, Token Governance, & Community

How it Works

With Tardigrade cloud storage, your files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side before being distributed across our network of high-performance storage nodes.




Helping Developers Weave the
Fabric of Tomorrow’s Internet


With multi-threaded, concurrent downloads you can get your files 20% faster than Amazon S3.

Security & Privacy

No one can compromise or view your data without your permission. Client-side AES-256-GCM encryption is standard on every file.


Reed-Solomon erasure coding enables the highest levels of durability for all files uploaded to the Tardigrade network.

Open Source

Audit our code, read our white paper, and know exactly how everything works. Check us out on GitHub.


Predictable, flat pricing. S3-compatible object storage that is a fraction of the price.

Easy to Use

With our simple s3-compatible library, you can use a single function for uploading and downloading.

FRESH UPDATE April 10, 2019

Storj Alpha Release 4: Vanguard - Data Storage

Data storage is here! Storj Labs is now sending out invites to developers from our waitlist to begin testing data storage on our alpha network of high-performance storage nodes.

On the waitlist?

The first 10,000 developers on the waitlist will get 1TB free for their first 30 days after production launch.

Become a Storage Node Operator

At the beginning of February, 2019 Storj Labs began sending invites to our storage node waitlist for alpha testing. Nodes can begin earning STORJ tokens and building node reputation ahead of our beta (Pioneer release) and production (Voyager release) launches coming later this year.

Check out our storage node payout estimator to see if operating a node makes sense for you.

The Open Source Partner Program:

Storj Labs is very passionate about supporting, building, and using open source software. With this program, every time one of our OS approved partners has a user that stores data on Tardigrade using our connectors, we will share a generous portion of every dollar earned with our open-source partners.
Forever. . .

Innovations in Token Governance

While we are first and foremost a decentralized storage network, we’ve also been recognized as leaders in the field of token governance. Our goal is to be transparent and clear with our community members around our token governance efforts.

Roadmap Milestones to Production

Tardigrade is currently in the Vanguard phase of our alpha and we’re excited to get this product into the hands of our users for testing.

Those who sign up on our waitlist will receive the option to also participate in our beta, ahead of our production launch later this year.

  • Explorer: Storage Nodes Alpha

  • Vanguard: User Alpha

  • Beacon: Identity & Access Management

  • Pioneer: V3 Network Beta

  • ISS: Open Source Partner Connection

  • Voyager: Network V3 production Launch

  • Public Alpha Wipe/V3 Beta Launch

  • Billing working

  • Free Tier Limits Imposed

  • All Waitlist Invites sent

  • Beta End/V3 Production Launch