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Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall September 2018

In our town hall earlier this week, our team shared updates on our Open Source Partner Program; farmer payouts; marketing and branding; and our engineering progress on the new V3 network. We also shared a demo of the V3 private alpha, including its 4K video streaming capability! The town hall meeting included about 15 minutes of presentations, a 6-minute demo, and 20 minutes of live questions and answers. If you missed it on Zoom, you can watch the YouTube replay below.
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Product Mgr Development Update 6

Hey everyone, we hope you were able to watch Ben Golub and Shawn Wilkinson’s keynote presentation at The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit last week. At the conference, we announced our new Open Source Partner Program! Through this program, open-source projects can generate revenue when their users store data on the Storj network. We are beyond excited about this program because it will financially empower our 10 new open-source partners to continue to make products we all love and use.
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Enabling Economic Empowerment for Open Source Companies via the Storj Network

When I joined Storj Labs as executive chairman and interim CEO earlier this year, it was because of the opportunity I saw in decentralization and its ability to help the world and disrupt major industries. Storj had a working platform, a passionate community, a solid team, and were solving a huge problem tied into several trends. Before joining, I had spent the last decade building two open source companies. Storj (and decentralized infrastructure in general) shares a lot of key values with the open source world.
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