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Do you want to join a team that is revolutionizing the world of cloud storage? If so, the Storj team would love to meet you!

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Job Description

Are you an amazing Node.js engineer? Are you passionate about decentralization, free and open source software, and the blockchain? Do you want to change the way people own data? Have you ever geeked out over novel p2p pub/sub systems? If so, we’d would love to meet you!

We’re looking for full-time engineers for our core technology and flagship applications. You will be part of the core team of an early-stage startup looking to release a product ASAP. You should be passionate, dedicated, and live to create, like we do. You will own large portions of our product, and shouldn’t be afraid to push it in the direction you think is best.

This is a full time position in our office.

Skills & Requirements

Our ideal candidate has:

  • A passion for decentralization, open source software, and the blockchain
  • Deep knowledge of and experience with Node.js
  • Impeccably clean code beautiful enough to make grown men weep
  • An obsessive, near-creepy, love for unit tests with maximum coverage
  • A practical understanding of public-key cryptography and secure design
  • All the icing on the cake of a modern engineer: Github, design patterns, etc.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency on the protocol level
  • Deep knowledge of C/C++, Java, Python, or Go
  • Experience building high-featured RESTful web services
  • Experience with React, or similar front-end frameworks

Super extra bonus points for:

  • Contributions to open-source projects in decentralization or cryptocurrency
  • Advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D.) in a relevant field
  • Experience or background in distributed algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, complexity science
  • Developing your own awesome blockchain-based technology
  • A fan and player of Super Smash Bros. (64/melee/PM/4)

About Storj Labs Inc.

Storj Labs Inc. is an early-stage startup. We’re building a p2p protocol, a cloud storage service, and a suite of applications that aim to fundamentally change the way people and devices own data. We’re on a mission to rethink cloud storage, to provide the security, privacy, and transparency it’s missing.

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At Storj Labs, our mission is to provide the simplest experience to manage object storage infrastructure online. We are looking for a growth marketing manager to kickstart our growth engine and help the company scale to a wider audience.

As the Marketing team’s first hire, you will lead the charge on bringing new developers into the family, initially focusing on the demand side of the marketplace and later extending it to the supply side. You will apply your expertise in proven B2D channels like referral programs, content marketing and email automation, while also testing new channels to ruthlessly isolate the winners. Your work will touch all parts of the funnel, starting with acquisition and ending with loyalty.

Who you are

  • A thoughtful marketing generalist who lives by the mantra of testing and iteration
  • A quantitative thinker who makes decision based on hard data – even if it’s imperfect – and ruthlessly picks winners
  • A technically-oriented thinker who enjoys digging under the hood and working with a variety of marketing technology tools (data layer, email, landing pages, ads, etc)
  • A curious mind who has experience across the marketing funnel and has explored several marketing channels
  • A no-BS marketer who speaks the language of developers and avoids fluff at all cost
  • A scrappy self-starter who isn’t fazed by limited budgets and dev resources

What the job entails

  • Build out a world-class referral program for both the demand and supply side of the marketplace
  • Optimize content production and distribution across existing channels (email, community chat, Reddit, etc), with a primary focus on driving new users
  • Deploy and manage email newsletter and automated email programs for each step of the customer lifecycle
  • Deploy a steady stream of surveys to gather user feedback, gauge satisfaction and provide direction for product development
  • Optimize multiple steps of the marketing funnel, from acquisition and retention to loyalty and referral, while balancing the needs of demand and supply
  • Test new channels – such as ads and influencer marketing – to gather cost-of-acquisition data and inform the growth roadmap
  • Create and monitor analytics dashboards, prepare reports and share insights with the team

Your minimum qualifications

  • 2-4+ years of digital marketing experience (eg acquisition, retention, product, content), and at least 1 year working with marketing automation platforms
  • A strong track record of owning initiatives from start to finish, and deriving learnings from failures
  • Proven experience with implementing marketing automation programs (eg Keynote or Google docs outline) and channel optimization (eg Excel dashboard)
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • B2D (business to developer) and two-sided marketplace experience a huge plus
  • Working knowledge of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Object Storage offerings a huge plus
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At Storj Labs, our mission is to provide the simplest experience to manage object storage infrastructure online. We are looking for an experienced company evangelist to build an active and engaged community that will embody the company’s philosophy and mission.

As the first developer evangelist hire, you’ll be in charge of spreading our technology to key technology hubs in the United States. You will develop relationships with influential developers and incentivize them to use our platform or build cool things on top of it. To do this, you’ll finding the ideal places to strike up conversations, from meetups and hackathons to blog posts on open source software and blockchain technology. Your infectious energy will bring people together and rally them around our shared cause.

Who you are

  • Super social, extroverted connector who loves interacting with smart people
  • Thought leader who regularly publishes content on personal blog, Medium, etc
  • Passionate about decentralization, security and privacy, and well-read on the topic
  • Understands the way developers think, and has some experience being a developer
  • Stays current on new developer-focused technologies and trends
  • Able to articulate technical concepts in a clear way to diverse audiences, often through presentations and public speaking

What the job entails

  • Developing relationships with key developers in the startup and tech communities
  • Encouraging developers to try the Storj platform and build tools on top of it
  • Organizing, speaking at and recruiting for key events (eg meetups, user groups, hackathons, conferences)
  • Educating the open source community on Storj’s philosophy and products through thoughtful content
  • Providing feedback to internal team on perceptions of Storj and key technology trends


  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent (you’ve shipped some code )
  • Established presence on social media and forums (eg Twitter, HackerNews, GitHub, StackOverflow, Quora)
  • Some contributions to GitHub and/or open source communities
  • Willing to spend 50% traveling between Storj headquarters in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, with a permanent residence in one of these cities
  • Willing to work irregular hours and some weekends
  • Experience working at an open source or infrastructure company a plus
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