Simple Pricing

Pay only for what you use. No setup fees, no minimum usage.


$0.015per GB per month


$0.05per GB downloaded

Get 25GB free for the first 12 months!

Save money with Storj

Compare Storj pricing VS Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

$0.015GB / Month

$0.023GB / Month

$0.030GB / Month

Pricing and Billing FAQ

With Storj, you pay only for what you use, there is no minimum fee. $0.015 per GB per month for storage and $0.05 per GB for bandwidth (downloads). You can estimate your monthly bill using the Storj monthly calculator.

Usage is calculated each month, and your bill is generated from your usage.

No, when you enter a card, we only verify the card. Your card is charged at the end of each billing cycle.

We are giving every user 25 GB storage and 25 GB bandwidth (every month!) free for 12 months. If you use less than that, you won’t be billed.

To avoid being rate limited, just add a valid credit card. You will only be billed for your usage above the free tier. So if you use 50 GB of storage, you will only be billed for 25 GB.

Great question! We just launched our referral program, so you can invite your friends to Storj and get an additional 50GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth once they join and spend $10. There’s no limit, so invite away! Log in and head to

Yes! You can use both payment options to pay for your storage. Simply log into your Storj-account, click on "billing" and select either BTC or STORJ. You'll get a corresponding address where you just have to send the tokens to.

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