Node Dashboard, Now Available

| Monitor your Node status, reputation, storage capacity, uptime and audit checks.

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Put Your Unused Disk Space to Work

Get paid to build the future of cloud storage.


Node Dashboard, Now Available

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Start Sharing. Start Earning.

Use Existing Hardware

Becoming a node operator doesn’t require extra hardware or power-hungry CPUs. All you need is a solid internet connection and enough hard drive space and bandwidth.

Be the Cloud

By becoming a node operator you’re storing data for actual customers, all while getting paid. Become the decentralized cloud and disrupt the cloud storage giants.

Better Than Mining

Mining bitcoin is expensive, requires a lot of extra power, is not that profitable, and is much more difficult than becoming a storage node operator.

Node Performance

Stay up-to-date on your Node’s status by monitoring your reputation, storage capacity, uptime and audit checks. Measure payouts, and much more with the Node Dashboard.

How it Works

Get Started

Check your specs and if you qualify we’ll send you an auth token—once you get your auth token, you'll read through our set up instructions and get started.

Store Data

Once your node is set up, it will receive pieces of encrypted files. Later, you’ll share the file pieces when a client requests them and be compensated for the bandwidth used in the transfer.

Get Paid

Every month you’ll receive a payout in STORJ token for the storage and bandwidth you’ve provided on the network.

Estimate Your Earnings

Demand for our network from Tardigrade is constantly increasing, with a waitlist of over 12,000 developers, dev-ops, and senior leaders at large SaaS companies. We want to grow even larger, but we need your help. Remember, as demand grows, so will your potential profits.

Per Terabyte Earnings
Egress Bandwidth $20/TB

Repair Bandwidth $10/TB

Disk Space $1.50/TB