Our Vision

September 14, 2014

Our team is working on disruptive software with a goal of transforming the cloud storage landscape and to create a platform which people, companies, and organizations will adopt over time.  In a world where large scale data breaches are an almost everyday occurrence, people and businesses are seeking more direct control of their cloud data.

Through utilizing a person-to-person network in the place of a person-to-company network, Storj will help secure and prevent loss of data from data failure and unwanted intrusion. At the end of the day the users own and control the data, not a company. Traditional cloud storage providers have failed miserably when it comes to data failure and security, and this seems to get worse with time.  These companies try their best, but it’s the model that’s broken. By eliminating central servers and encrypting all content, we start to eliminate these major problems with cloud storage today.   

In cases where the files are not personal, Storj is also an excellent platform. Developers can  build applications, including the next social media website, video sharing, image sharing, file collaboration, and many other concepts we haven’t even thought of yet. Existing applications can save money and also give their users more features, faster access, security, and privacy.

Hard drive space is something many of us take for granted, and let’s face it: most people have a lot of unused disk space on their hard drives.  By participating in Storj, you can sell unused space by renting space out to other cloud users (“renters”) through farming (as a “farmer”). Farmers and renters will use a digital tokens for payments: Storjcoin X (SJCX) to make the trade effortless, quick, and anonymous. We believe utilizing the hard drive space of your peers is a sensible, environmentally friendly, but ultimately a market driven approach that brings down storage costs for everyone.  Gone are the days of buying external storage devices for secure memory space when you can simply redeem some of the tokens you earned when you had plenty of free space.  

The days of relying on third-party centralized providers to control and manage your data are over. We are here to help build a cloud powered and controlled by you the user!

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